PGC Aratos to lift first ever Enterprise propylene export cargo

Thu July 21, 2016 4:53pm GMT

The following story is quoted from Tradewinds:

The largest gas export terminal on the US Gulf Coast is adding to its cargo slate with loadings of the chemical gas propylene.

Energy logistics giant Enterprise Products said it has loaded its first two vessel with polymer grade propylene (PGP) for export out of its Houston Ship Channel terminal, which primarily handles LPG cargoes for VLGCs. Enterprise says it loaded 5,000 tonnes of PGP on each vessel. Paradise Gas Carriers-owned, 9,000-cbm PGC Aratos (built 2003) will become the first vessel to export propylene out of Enterprise/Houston, under charter to Mexican chemical giant Indelpro for transit to Altamira port.

Enterprise said the move to PGP exports comes amid “growing international demand.” It said it has capabilities to load 5,000 tonnes of refrigerated PGP from nearby plants and storage wells. Enterprise too is planning to add its own PGP plant by next year, allowing it to produce 7.5 billion pounds of PGP per year.

Enterprise has experience loading PGP through the Magellan Midstream-owned Seabrook terminal.